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BPM (22 Members)
Vancouver-BC (15 Members)
News (392 Members)
POW-HIT Gold Stars (28 Members)

People & Organisations (improving) Workflow (with) Health Information Technology: deserve Gold Stars

Key West (8 Members)
Tweeted on RAND EHR Study (158 Members)

NYT: Few Savings From Digital Health Records (RAND study) See 4 explanation

HatCam goes to #HIMSS13! (16 Members)

I'm tweeting One-Minute Video Interviews at #HIMSS13 See

HIMSS13 Exhibitors to RT (446 Members)

HIMSS13 Exhibitors to RT

HIMSS13 Exhibitors 2 RT (305 Members)
DC-Maryland-Virginia-HIT (2 Members)

Companies & Organizations DMV region important to health information technology initiatives

Great Boston ePatient/EMR (34 Members)

Awesome Boston area E-Patient/EMR blog/twitter accounts

TEDMED (6 Members)
TEDMED Hive 2013 (87 Members)

Informal social environment for exploring innovations & inspiring entrepreneurs in health & medicine

Workflow#HIMSS14 #HIMSS15 (101 Members)

#POWHIT People & Organizations improving Workflow w/Health Information Technology I tweet about!

Health Biz Intel Forum DC (25 Members)

#HCBizIntel Healthcare Business Intelligence Forum: analytics & big data healthcare, April 16-17

Appian World 14 Speakers (1 Members)

List of speakers at Appian World 2014 April 30th to May 2nd.

Wearable Tech Conference (12 Members)

Speakers July 24-25 Future of Wearable Tech In Healthcare, Indianapolis

HBMA14 Fall Las Vegas (13 Members)

Healthcare billing & management twepes presenting, exhibiting, interested in HBMA 2014 Fall Conf

NEXTGOV_2020 #Prime2014 (102 Members)

Important twepes at #Prime2014 conference in Washington DC 9/8/14 see

HCUB2014 Tweeps! (28 Members)
To Tweet About at HIMSS15 (95 Members)

HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador 2nd year in row tweeting healthcare workflow IT success stories.

HIMSS15 Top Workflowistas (10 Members)

HIMSS15 Top 10 Workflow People & Organizations improving Workflow w/HIT POWHIT

AHIP Exhibitor 2015 (127 Members)

AHIP Exhibitor 2015 to tweet re improving healthcare analytics & workflow! Follow me 4 lots RTs!

periscope (6 Members)

List of tweeps for which I want to be notified via #IFTTT when they start a #periscope

MGMA15 Exhibitors (9 Members)

MGMA15 Exhibitors 2 tweets about

Fellow-Ohio-Tweeps (125 Members)
Workflow #BPM at #HIMSS16 (108 Members)

#HIMSS16 exhibitors w/great workflow stories, workflow engines or Business Process Management #BPM

#SciFest #MakerFaire (3 Members)
AHIP16 Workflow BPM (15 Members)
DPC Summit 2016 (13 Members)
BPM as a Service (40 Members)

Listed in Global Business Process Management as a Service Market 2016-20 & more

Reinhart Hates Lists (1 Members)
HITMC Workflow 2017 (67 Members)

Health IT Marketing & PR speakers: My interest is #HITMC marketing workflow & workflow automation

#TMCInnov17 Competition (19 Members)

$100,000 Medical Capital Innovation Competition, HIMSS Innovation Center, Cleveland, 4/25-26, 2017

#TMCInnov17 Sponsors #Cle (19 Members)

$100,000 Medical Capital Innovation Competition, HIMSS Innovation Center, Cleveland, 4/25-26, 2017

AHIPinstitute 2017 (152 Members)

I looked at every #AHIPinstitute exhibitor re emphasis on workflow! Viva #AHIPworkflow!

Seattle (63 Members)
Key West pscptv wareflo (1 Members)

Key West #KeyWest Looking forward to Hemingway Days, July 18-23!

.3D Printing Firetalk (55 Members)

3D printing folks invited to my Firetalk see

PutData2Work (11 Members)

Boston 10/23-24 Big Data & Healthcare Analytics: A HIMSS Event

.#HIMSS18 Exhibitors (51 Members)
London (4 Members)
HSPI2018 (3 Members)

Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2018

NatCon18 (131 Members)
Send #HIMSSVR glasses (4 Members)
ATA18 (171 Members)
HITMC18 Speakers (27 Members)
HLTH2018 (203 Members)
WTFix 2018 (20 Members)
AWE2018 Exhibitors (159 Members)

List of #AWE2018 exhibitors

A Malta Vacation (44 Members)
AAIC18 Alzheimer's Conf (2 Members)

2018 Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Chicago

AHIPinstitute 2018 (15 Members)
Finger Lakes (22 Members)
A-list HIT100 2018 (4 Members)
Open Hardware Summit (5 Members)

2018 Open Hardware Summit

HIMSS19 Exhibitor (9 Members)
A new himss19 exhibitor (145 Members)
JMP19 (4 Members)
SXSW2019 (45 Members)
Virtual Medicine 2019 (3 Members)
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