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Highgroovers (15 Members)
My list (7 Members)

My favorite tweeters, created with help from

Cycling (642 Members)
mktg-cycling-nl (331 Members)

Marketeers in Cycling in The Netherlands

Interested in (82 Members)

we're looking for shops to get samples of @velohub_ch's bike lights

horeca-fietsen (32 Members)

getting interest for

SchweizMedien (42 Members)

Wir würden ihr gerne nach @obstundgemuse's event in Basel einladen:

AmsterdamUX (47 Members)

hey! @we_are_nomensa are in Amsterdam next week on the 15th & 16th. Wanna catch up?

Urban Mobility (39 Members)

Created for @xbikenl

B2B Sales NL (179 Members)

Gauging interest for the next course in November.

Music-Amsterdam (389 Members)

Check out:

Nordweg Philly Popup (18 Members)

Preparing for a popup in Philly this April

Value Labs London (168 Members)

Lookout for an invite soon!