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Strongman Training (104 Members)

Ready to get seriously strong?

Powerlifters (41 Members)

Ready to get seriously strong?

Grip (29 Members)

Ready to test yourself?

Kettlebell (49 Members)

Swing it.

Combat (39 Members)


PaleoPrimal (157 Members)

Followers of Paleo and Primal Diets.

Clubs & Maces (6 Members)

Get a grip.

Rehabilitation (48 Members)

Fixing what's broken.

twitterchats (481 Members)

Love talking about strength training? Same here. Come and join us at

NRL Players and Teams (15 Members)

Sydney Rugby League.

Sports (72 Members)

Higher. Stronger. Faster.

oldtimestrongmen (17 Members)

Bending. Crushing. Tearing.

photography (325 Members)

Photographers, designers, artists, services and equipment.

Science (146 Members)

The good stuff.

tearing (6 Members)

Card & Phonebook tearing

sttbsponsors (20 Members)

I've been working with all these sponsors for years, and their equipment is highly recommended.

Trainers & Coaches (270 Members)

Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches

bettersleep (36 Members)

My favourite form of recovery - sleep.

Australian Heritage (190 Members)

The first 100 years or so of Australia's European history.

SolarAustralia (145 Members)

News on the use and impact of solar power in Australia.

Australian Artists (124 Members)

Australian artists & galleries of all kinds.

Electric Vehicles (659 Members)

No emissions, significantly cheaper to run. Fantastic.

Space (229 Members)

What's out there?

Australian Politics (226 Members)

The wonderful world of Australian politics.

SttB Writers (50 Members)

Many, many people write for Straight to the Bar (let me know if you'd like to join us). Love it.

Environment Australia (189 Members)

Looking after the magnificent Australian land and seascape.

Sydney, Australia (124 Members)

Keep up with what's going on (and if you're visiting, what to see) in this beautiful city.

Gymchat Guests (34 Members)

I love the Gymchats - wonderful shows. Find out more at :

Leave It In The Ground (291 Members)

The end of fossil fuels.

Architecture : Sydney (141 Members)

Planners & Architects building this city the right way.

Heritage (Global) (201 Members)

There's a world of history out there.

Computer Security (147 Members)

Keep yourself secure online.

Discussing Oz Politics (153 Members)

Love talking about it? Same here.

Australian Tourism (65 Members)

Beautiful country.

For The Love of Food : Oz (82 Members)

Enjoying the tastes of Australia.

Renewable Energy (135 Members)

Powering the future.

Cycling (182 Members)

I want to ride my bicycle.

Environment (Global) (88 Members)

Helping to protect the environment. All of it.

Online Privacy (55 Members)

Helping to keep your digital life safe and anonymous.

All Things Medical (196 Members)

New medicines, procedures & equipment.

Exoskeletons (47 Members)

One step at a time.

Giving (16 Members)

Straight to the Bar supports a number of charities & one-off events : .

Electric Vehicles Aus (106 Members)

The rise of Australia's electric cars, buses, trains, scooters and ferries.

Online Video Aus (17 Members)

SVOD (Streaming Video on Demand) In Australia.

Autonomous Vehicles (40 Members)

Driverless cars, buses, trains and ships.

Cycling in Sydney (50 Members)

A great way to experience this beautiful city.

Photographing Sydney (104 Members)

Documenting this beautiful city.

Australian ISPs (26 Members)

Internet access in Australia.

Learning Photography (39 Members)

Improve your skills, no matter what they are.

Battery Storage (35 Members)

All day and all night. Power on.

Urbex Photography (54 Members)

Urban Exploration. Abandoned sites.

Media in Australia (23 Members)

Everything on a screen, all the time.

Finance Australia (151 Members)

Australia's Banks, Hedge Funds, Super Funds and so on.

Syd : Libraries & Museums (37 Members)

Wonderful places to learn, be inspired by and generally enjoy. Love them.

IT in Australia (71 Members)

Copyright restrictions, encryption, the NBN (National Broadband Network) and so on.

Drone Photography (61 Members)

See it from the air.

Public Transport (57 Members)

Everyone needs to be able to get around.

Shopping in Australia (44 Members)

Australian supermarkets (both online and offline), and retail in general.

Hyperloop (40 Members)

Companies, tests and competitions.

Australian Motoring (100 Members)

Driving in Australia. Cars, Insurance, Roads, Sports.

Air Pollution (56 Members)

Monitoring the air we breathe.

Photo Tools (49 Members)

Photography-focused sites, apps and services of all kinds.

Electric Vehicles NZ (29 Members)

Quiet, clean, fast. NB: I'm always updating this. If you know of anyone who should be added, DM me.

Brain Injuries (26 Members)

Research, Diagnosis and Prevention.

Heritage Action Sydney (39 Members)

Shouldn't be necessary, but these are the people who help protect Sydney's heritage.

Aging & Longevity (105 Members)

Living healthy, disease-free and for as long as possible.

Vehicle and Road Safety (36 Members)

Lights, tyres, car seats, seat belts, AEB, airbags.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (22 Members)

Tips, Techniques, Plugins, Presets and Tutorials.