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Coronavirus outbreak hits Los Angeles Apparel with more than 300 infections, 4 employee deaths

Los Angeles Times – Leila Miller

A Black woman sat on the grass outside an L.A. church. The cold welcome she recorded speaks volumes

Los Angeles Times – Nita Lelyveld

Massive fire at historic San Gabriel Mission destroys roof and much of interior

Los Angeles Times – Alex Wigglesworth

For those filing California unemployment claims, contacting the EDD is a job in itself

Los Angeles Times – Maria L. La Ganga

They worked in the U.S. on visas. But coronavirus and Trump's new order split these Indian families apart

Los Angeles Times – Sarah Parvini

Column: California wants to make it legal to sue Karens. Why aren't we prosecuting them?

Los Angeles Times – Erika D. Smith

Movie theaters face 'existential' threat from COVID-19: 'Without new movies, it's over

Los Angeles Times – Ryan Faughnder

Questionable tactics by deputies in Andres Guardado killing put pressure on sheriff

Los Angeles Times – Alene Tchekmedyian

Rapists in the ranks

Los Angeles Times –  Jane Harman