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Opinion: How to live with the climate crisis without becoming a nihilist

Los Angeles Times – Peter Kalmus

California lawmakers fail to act on recycling bills to phase out single-use plastics

Los Angeles Times – Piper McDaniel

As election nears, Netanyahu intensifies his rhetoric against Israel's Arab population

Los Angeles Times – Noga Tarnopolsky

Column: Rose Bowl is a special venue and UCLA football is making it a depressing place

Los Angeles Times – Arash Markazi

Solid gold toilet stolen from London museum

Los Angeles Times – Associated Press

Coast Guard discovers abandoned panga boat with 41 bales of marijuana onboard in Malibu

Los Angeles Times – Brittny Mejia

At the Mujeres Market, women, queer and trans people of color find a safe space to sell their products

Los Angeles Times – Eric Ducker

Column: Will Chip Kelly give up on UCLA before they give up on him?

Los Angeles Times – Bill Plaschke

L.A. Affairs: He insisted on paying for our date. Then I got his Venmo request

Los Angeles Times – Violet Ames