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Twitter-Tree (1 Members)

Tied to these tweeps through the friends we mutually like talking to (generated by @formulists)

Pacopelets (1 Members)

The people @pacope is most grouped together in lists with (generated by @formulists)

Twitterati (1 Members)

Who the people I follow listen to most (generated by @formulists)

New-Recruits (1 Members)

A self-updating list showing who recently followed me (generated by @formulists)

New-Reads (1 Members)

A self-updating list of people who I recently followed (generated by @formulists)

Tweetmates (1 Members)

Tweetmates are the people I have been talking to most on Twitter (revealed by @formulists)

Tweet-Idols (1 Members)

My Twitter Idols: The people I have been retweeting the most lately (revealed by @Formulists)

Super-Sidekicks (1 Members)

Like loyal sidekicks these people share my tweets most (generated by @formulists)

paco (1 Members)

A list that is a customized clone of another list (generated by @formulists)