Mr's Other Feeds

Asia Internet and Tech (9 Members)

Information on Asian internet and technology

International_news (12 Members)

A list of international news sources

China watchers (6 Members)

A list of journalists, academics and business people providing insight into China.

Data journalism (19 Members)

Data journalists, data visualisation and computer-assisted/database journalists

Gov 2.0 (5 Members)
US Economics (9 Members)

Banks, economists, economic indicators for the US.

Digital Journalism (57 Members)

Journalism organisations, journalists and commentators creating the future of media.

IJNett11 (4 Members)
Eurozone crisis (2 Members)

Useful accounts for following developments in the Eurozone crisis

Top Tech (1 Members)

A collection of top technology investors, strategists and thinkers.

British Media (2 Members)

List of British journalists, commentators and editors

Middle East (2 Members)

Experts on Turkey, the Middle East in the region and outside

US politics (4 Members)

About US politics and elections.

US Media Jobs (1 Members)

Twitter accounts for jobs in media, mainly US/North America.

Trinity-Mirror (3 Members)

A compilation of Trinity-Mirror sites and journalists.

US Politics (4 Members)

A collection of US political commentators and analysts.

Sports (1 Members)

A range of accounts that focus on sports, especially analysis of the sports media business.

India Journalism (10 Members)
Northeast Ohio News (1 Members)

reporters, columnists and people of note

ideastream (20 Members)

ideastream accounts and team members

Local News Start-ups (1 Members)

Experiments and startups in the local news space.