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open data (11 Members)

people and orgs involved with open data

libraries & archives (24 Members)

Library science related

dataviz (23 Members)

people and orgs doing work in data visualization or infographics

copynight (10 Members)

people involved with local DC Copynight meetings

crisiscamp (17 Members)

people that volunteered at crisiscamp

barcampers (18 Members)

cool people i've meet thru barcamps

IASL (11 Members)

People involved with the 'International Amateur Scanning League'

transparency caucus (12 Members)

Members of Congress that are in the Transparency Caucus

district (18 Members)

people and things related to the greater area that i live in

transportation (7 Members)

transportation (dc, md, va, etc)

IOGDC (23 Members)

List of people that attended #IOGDC International Open Government Conference 2010 in DC

HacDC (6 Members)

folks at HacDC

Quantified Self (2 Members)
opengovdc (5 Members)

folks at #opengovdc

dgo2011 (4 Members)

folks from dgo2011

odhd (8 Members)

international open data hackathon in dc folks

dcdatadive (13 Members)

people that participated in #dcdatadive Data w/o Borders event in DC

tcamp12 (25 Members)

people i'll be looking out for

Code for DC (4 Members)

Code for DC (CfA Code for America Brigade)

OMB (5 Members)