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Social Media Bloggers (127 Members)

A list of top social media bloggers from @jurgenappelo based on 5 rankings+number of comments

IRL (946 Members)

People I know or at least feel like I know. Or maybe I should know them but don't yet.

Meme-sters (21 Members)
Humour Writers (6 Members)
A List of Influencers (126 Members)

Influential types

A+ Content Strategists (40 Members)
NYC (17 Members)
SXSW 2014 (27 Members)
RTM (39 Members)

real-time marketing folk

RTM Brands (5 Members)
Strategists (26 Members)
South Coast Mktg Folk (111 Members)

People I've met (on Twitter & real-life) at conferences, hack days & workshops down on UK coast

Buzzfeed Etc (5 Members)

The community and employees and influencers involved with this fab influential social magazine

Leadership/Entrepreneur (42 Members)

Many (not all) put faith at the centre of their approach to leadership/entrepreneurship.

Austin Tech Folk (5 Members)
Millennial Mentoring 2015 (14 Members)

We need your help converting analog C-suiters. Millennial Mentoring http://bit.ly/SXMMP14

Memphis Mktg/Tech Folk (12 Members)

Spreadin' some real-time marketing love in hometown this year after SXSW. Rude not to.

A Connected Devices List (5 Members)

All things 'Internet of Things'

Hot Dog Suit Dancers (2 Members)

Those who I could see wearing my dog suit helping me on my real-time content mission

A Sport+Content List (134 Members)
A RCLabs Friends List (59 Members)
A Proximity Mktg List (3 Members)
World Cup 2014 (1 Members)
Innovation Folk (15 Members)

Some of these folks are involved in @InnovationSoc -- others probably should be.

Comedy+Business (16 Members)
UK Content Marketing (40 Members)
D&AD Training Folks (4 Members)

Awesome people I met at my Social Content workshop with British Design & Art Direction

Gen Z Thinkers (1 Members)
A+ Mktg Influencers (114 Members)

Entertainment + Information. These folks supply both in large quantities.

A+ Content Creators (10 Members)
A+ B2B Content Mkt (5 Members)
SXSW 2015 (4 Members)
A+ Podcasting Folk (2 Members)
SAScon folk (27 Members)

I'm speaking at SASCon on 11-12 June. Here are a few folks I'd like to meet there.

A List of Hack Day Folk (6 Members)

I organise hack days for brands. I also judge hack days like Pub Hack in Portsmouth. Epic fun

SXSW 2016 Folk (70 Members)

I'm obsessed** with SXSW. I want to meet these folk. **Six-time speaker & now SX Advisor

Ireland Mktg Awesome (21 Members)

I love doing consultancy/workshops/keynotes in Dublin. Because of these folk.

Ballsy Brands Quarterly (9 Members)

The world's ballsiest marketing event attracts these types

Tech Off To Ballsy BQ (4 Members)

People who did Tech Off who'd love my Ballsy Brands Quarterly http://bit.ly/BBQ1tickets

Manchester Mktg Folk (1 Members)
Agency Awesomeness (22 Members)
Wow Author/Speakers (22 Members)

These are folk i know or need to meet or ideally share the stage with

Book Publishers (5 Members)
Schaefer's Bloggers (3 Members)

Love Mark. Love his hand-picked crew of bloggers on his Grow blog

2016 Conferences Hit List (10 Members)

Conferences to speak or lead workshops at in '16

Interesting Content (1 Members)
A+ Audience Dev Folk (1 Members)
Sport + Fan Engagement (62 Members)

Combining my real-time/social thang w/ Mark Bradley. Learning from these fan engagement folk

Irish Sponsorship Summit (103 Members)

Folk I'm speaking w/ at ISS or want to meet b/c I love the Irish & sport.

Ballsy Brands SXSW (3 Members)

Great crowd. Inspired folk to be more brave and human with content.

A Sport+Tech List (16 Members)
SEAT Vegas Top Tweeters (71 Members)

Most engaged folk at my fave sport marketing/tech event I spoke at in July '16

SEAT Vegas Digital Folk (59 Members)

I spoke at SEAT. So many smart folk from pro/college sport there.

Keynote tweet love (75 Members)

I do conferences and speak all around the world these people have said positive things Thank you!

Audiobook Love (16 Members)
Soccer Writers (6 Members)
Content Mktg World 17 (93 Members)

People I love/know/want to meet & learn from in Cleveland

TBC Workshop Survivors (1 Members)

Those awesome folks who've tweeted the love at one of my workshops.

TBC London Creatives (1 Members)

A list of folks who create stuff that I could collaborate with one day.

CMWorld Non-US Crew (13 Members)

From Asia, Europe, Africa, Australasia, South America? Let's meet up at Content Marketing World 2017

Top #CMWorld 17 Folk (8 Members)

Folk I met at epic Content Marketing World

#CMC Awesome Creators (31 Members)

Content Marketing Conference in Boston. Lots of epic tweets from smart folk

TravelCon 2019 Folk (29 Members)

I speak at travel conferences. Not TravelCon this year. There to learn from these fun folk.