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Doha Tweeps (201 Members)

Interesting Twitter folk based in Doha.

What's going on in Qatar (62 Members)

List of tweeps in the know.

Qatar based bodies (39 Members)

Tweets from agencies, businesses and public bodies based in Qatar.

MENA related tweeps (296 Members)

People based - or interested - in the Middle East.

Hyperlocal (110 Members)

Will slowly add people doing interesting things in this space to this list.

Development Issues (16 Members)
Journalism (181 Members)
Journalism news (4342 Members)
Hyperlocal media (403 Members)
Middle East Matters (4039 Members)
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DMS USA 2016 (210 Members)
SuperJinNYC2017 (27 Members)
SM London (Track A) (14 Members)

GEO London students taking my Social Media for Journalists class.

SM London (Track B) (14 Members)

GEO London students taking my Social Media for Journalists class.

Future Today Institute 18 (18 Members)

Summer Teaching Fellows list.

#PNWLocal (42 Members)

Participants in a local journalism workshop about local journalism in the PNW (March 2019)

Super J in NYC 2019 (61 Members)

People and Orgs being visited by UO journalism students in NYC June 2019.

Scripps Howard Journalism (21 Members)

Fellows + Speakers, Scripps Howard Journalism Entrepreneurship Institute 2019