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Chicago (76 Members)

My kind of town - bits and bytes and tweets from and for Da Windy City

Stars (168 Members)

Famous actors and others who have that ... astral quality.

Bears (122 Members)

Hairy men. And the men who love them.

Pagans (33 Members)

Neopagan people and organizations

Famous (64 Members)

Famous people I follow

Dev Services (3 Members)

Various notifiers for application development services like github and sourceforge

Foss-projects (7 Members)

feeds from various open source projects I'm interested in

Country (8 Members)

Famous country stars I'm following

Interesting (18 Members)

People and blogs who tickle my interest

ADF (32 Members)

ADF Groves, Guilds and People

Ruby (16 Members)

Posters with an interest in the Ruby programming language

Chums (15 Members)

Pals who tweet kewl stuff I like to read

WorkChums (1 Members)
Druids (11 Members)
Tech (43 Members)
News (49 Members)

Various news sources

Protest (24 Members)
Politics (30 Members)

Various political types I follow

LGBT (126 Members)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered

Des Plaines (6 Members)

Tweets about the city on the plains

Gaming (30 Members)

Gamers and Gaming companies

Music (15 Members)
Election-2016 (18 Members)
Bear Pros (20 Members)

Handsome professional men who wear their beards proudly. And sometimes take their shirts off.

Food-Trucks (6 Members)

Around town.

tech-sec (24 Members)

Interesting people, projects, things that focus on Security in Tech

Great Designs (6 Members)

Vendors and designers who create beautiful things and smart design.

Police Blotters (2 Members)

Various police department's twitter accounts.

Funny People (87 Members)

and funny things.

Political Chatterati (46 Members)
Iceland (12 Members)

Tweets from land that's green... and sometimes icy and snowy and... amazing.

Eco Progressivism (7 Members)

Eco thinkers - many Pagan - most Progressive

Green Politics (2 Members)

Green Party and other Green political things

Incredibly Handsome & (5 Members)

Talented Bear Dudes... need I say more?

Family (3 Members)
Feminist (44 Members)
Talking 'bout Guns (26 Members)

Various people/groups connected to the gun control/access debate.

BLM (72 Members)

Black Lives Matter and other African American linkages

Living Lightly (2 Members)

Green and eco living

Economics (12 Members)

Economic sites, bloggers, reporters and academics

WOW (16 Members)

World of Warcraft tweets and peeps

Federal Guv'mint (4 Members)

Various official US Fed Gov accounts

Journalists (167 Members)
Progressives (34 Members)
Utilities (12 Members)
Chicago Lefties (15 Members)
Watchdogs (38 Members)

Groups that watch out for us - protecting our rights.

Conservatives (12 Members)

Includes crazies and thoughtfuls. Not sure how much energy I want to expend divvying them up.

Catholics (18 Members)

Jebbies and others.

Geeks (15 Members)
Comix (27 Members)
GOP (1 Members)

Members of the Republican Party - may or may not be worth following.

Broadcast News (50 Members)

TV and radio.

Fashion (16 Members)

Looking at what you wear and how you look.

Climate Change (6 Members)
World Con 2017 (1 Members)
Democrats (55 Members)
On the Tellie (8 Members)
The Obama Revolution (13 Members)
Bardry (8 Members)

Poets and musicians that touch the soul

Election 2017 (7 Members)
Enviros (18 Members)

Groups and people in the environmental movement.

The Overlords (5 Members)
Immigration (64 Members)
Voices of Resistance (117 Members)
Fear no Art (19 Members)
Doing Good (21 Members)

Charities and suchlike.

Military thoughts (6 Members)

People who are or were in or talk about the military.

First thing we do... (41 Members)

is hug all the lawyers.

Muslim (25 Members)
Finance (9 Members)

People tweeting about the financial industry.

Latinx (10 Members)
Oklahoma (7 Members)

is OK!

Blah Blah Blah (4 Members)

Not quite news but sometimes something.

Science! (7 Members)
Sports (18 Members)
Seeing the world (1 Members)

travel writers, bloggers and touristry.

One Big Union (27 Members)
Big Data (6 Members)

Sources of, utilities for and writers about

Po Russki (1 Members)

People and news in Russian

People of Faith (9 Members)
Tanks that think (12 Members)
World Leaders (7 Members)

Various leaders of nations and heads of state.

Terribly British (9 Members)

Two peoples, separated by one language.

Reproductive Justice (5 Members)

It's not just about choice, it's about economics and it's about justice.

Oh Canada! (1 Members)
Education (3 Members)
Totally real (3 Members)
Anti FA (3 Members)
The Troth (6 Members)
Elections 2020 (14 Members)
On the road again (4 Members)
Weather (14 Members)
Punked Steam (6 Members)
Python (2 Members)
Use the source, Luke (4 Members)

'Into the code...'

Trek (19 Members)
B5 (1 Members)
Spec Fic (4 Members)