Cross' Other Feeds

Crafty Thought Leaders (20 Members)

List of Companies that I respect in the Craft Industry

Marketing Rockstars (52 Members)

Marketers who are worthy of being on my List.

Lifestyle Design (10 Members)

Smarter, Faster, Stronger and Better

Trendy Trending Tweeps (7 Members)

People who share awesome happenings on Twitter and the world.

Classy creative types (12 Members)

Tweeps with that creativity.

Will this Tweep Escalate! (12 Members)

A List on people I would like to know more about!

Food Foodies (1 Members)

People who love to talk about food!

Tech Creatives (18 Members)

Because one can learn from techies and Trekkies.

Power Financial Tweeps (1 Members)

Tweeps that know their Finance and Accounting

Yuge Podcast Beasts (4 Members)

Great Podcasters and OK Marketers ha ha

Crafty Crafters (16 Members)

Crafty Crafters in Needlework

Social Media App Awesome (5 Members)

Apps that I use for better marketing and content sharing and email collecting.

Virtual Assistants (6 Members)

Companies I need for outsourcing

Just the Cutest of Cute (1 Members)

Fun Cute Tweeps

Vagabonding (19 Members)

Tweeps that see the world.

Brits Are Crafty People (2 Members)

Some of the most craftiest in the fiber arts are Brits. IMHO Am I right or am I wrong?

Marketing Automation (3 Members)

Insights, whitepapers on ROI on Marketing Automation.

Crochet Faves (2 Members)
Author Author (3 Members)

Tweeos that write.

Blogging on the B Tip (1 Members)

Top Bloggers to follow. Keep it up.

Epic Inbound Marketing (1 Members)

Tweeps that could teach us on advanced Inbound Marketing Techniques