Bucky's Other Feeds

My Peoples (123 Members)

These are the ones I am closest too. Who pay attention to. Who are amazing.

Apathetics (584 Members)

Muted individuals who have a difficult time relating to others; especially the less fortunate.

Leaders (15 Members)

People who are important to me and who I listen to.

Native Activists (36 Members)

Indigenous Peoples who Fight for Freedom

Big Stupid Doodoo Heads (1 Members)

Heads that are Big and Stupid and Doodoo

My favstar.fm list (19 Members)

My favorite tweeters, created with help from http://favstar.fm

Listen to them. (2036 Members)

They are important.

The Brotherhood (263 Members)

Together; we fight.

Art New York (7 Members)

When I get an art show in NYC, these people get VIP

Pagoda (6 Members)

A band that once was. Listen to us at http://OnePagoda.com

VANTA (5 Members)

Vista Anti Nazi Teenagers Association