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BIGDATA (568 Members)

Professionals and vendors active in the domain of Big Data

Information Management (8 Members)

Professionals interested or working in Information Management. Academics, professionals, vendors...

Master Data Management (99 Members)

Professionals active or interested in Master Data Management (MDM).

Business Analytics (18 Members)
Data Quality (14 Members)
Microsoft BI (48 Members)
BI In the Cloud (5 Members)
TheDataLandscape (214 Members)

An overview of the active players in the world of #Data. See more on http://j.mp/7wDataLS

BI Visualisation (5 Members)

Information Visualisations related to Business Intelligence

Data Science (56 Members)
Data mining (3 Members)
Agile (2 Members)
Research (7 Members)
BI Academic (2 Members)
SQL Server (23 Members)
HP Discover (51 Members)

My fellow bloggers @ HP Discover

Blogging (4 Members)
Virtualisation (14 Members)
Business Intelligence (23 Members)
Thought BI Leaders (379 Members)
Opendata (3 Members)
Thought Leaders bigdata (200 Members)

Top 200 Thought Leaders in BigData & Analytics

#DFD1 (29 Members)

Delegates for the first Data Field Day

HPE Discover London 2015 (25 Members)

The HPE Discover London 2015 Influencers

HPEDiscover2015 (4 Members)

meet And Greet at #HPEDiscover

Digital transformation (4754 Members)

Talking about Digital Disruption and innovation

DataViz (4649 Members)

Talking about Data Visualisation / Visualization and Infographics

Power BI (4792 Members)
cloudera (116 Members)
analytics (2630 Members)
cloudera-tweeters (1185 Members)
IBM DataFirst Launch (19 Members)

Influencers attending the IBM DataFirst Launch event

Strata Hadoop NYC 2016 (66 Members)

Strata Hadoop NYC 2016 participants

HPEDiscover16LON (27 Members)
AIEurope (56 Members)
DataViz (8 Members)
Influencers (2 Members)

Interesting reading

IBM Think 2019 Europe (11 Members)

IBM Think 2019 European influencers