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Top_Ad_Agency_Montreal (125 Members)

My TOP Ad agencies that every Montrealer should be proud of

Market-Research (73 Members)

Best Market Research Tweeter that any person should follow. Go meet them at #MRX

WordPress (61 Members)

WordPress community in Montreal

Humour Québec (57 Members)

Les meilleur(es) humoristes du Québec

Poker (24 Members)
PartiTwitter (32 Members)

Listes des valeureux candidats du Parti Twitter 2013

BookCamp (37 Members)
Participatory Condition (92 Members)

List of attendees of The Media@McGill Participatory Condition International Colloquium

Top 50 Most Retweeted (50 Members)

The Top 50 People Most Retweeted Based on Twitter behaviors of mid-size marketers

Club de lecture affaires (7 Members)

MTL Hard & Soft Startup (24 Members)

Montreal Hardware & Software Startup Ecosystem - Wearbale - Connected objects - Beacons - Sensors

Data Visualization MTL (47 Members)

Data Visualization group in Montreal, Canada #DataVis #vismtl

MTL Ville Intelligente (250 Members)

Twittos du projet Montréal Ville intelligente et numérique #smartcity #opendata #innovation #innmtl

NumQC (46 Members)

Consultation publique sur les politiques numériques au Québec - Groupe de réflexion