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Who I pay attention to in the music biz.

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Who I dig in the world of social media.

Motivational Awesomeness (47 Members)

I love motivational quotes!

TwitterRockstars (18 Members)
Women Leading Loudly (32 Members)

Women making a difference in the world through social media. Inspired by Nathalie Gregg #LeadLoudly.

#TwitterSmarter Podcast (46 Members)

List of people I've interviewed for my podcast. They each shared great actionable tips.

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Awesome People (4635 Members)

Why are you here? Because I think you're awesome!

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My list of people who have used the #TwitterSmarter hashtag.

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People Ive liked (1253 Members)
#TwitterSmarter Guests (128 Members)

Here's a list of guests from the #TwitterSmarter chat since its launch July 2015.

#ByeAutoDMs Team (18 Members)

Friends don't let friends send auto DMs.

My Fave Podcasts (39 Members)

Check out the podcasts I listen to regularly and the awesome podcasters behind them.

#VideoReplyDay (17 Members)

We're starting a revolution! Tuesday is #VideoReplyDay where you respond to tweets with a video.

#TribeOfMentors Faves (48 Members)

My favorites in Tim Ferris’ new book, Tribe of Mentors. They all have great insights. Get the book!