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Tweeps who share techie tips for business and networking

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If you are in the UK, let me know so I can add you to this list.

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Great tweeps based in California.

Lynn Serafinn's Bestselling Clients (27 Members)

List of authors who have launched (or will be launching) their books through Spirit Authors Coach

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marketers, marketing, PR

The 7 Graces Project (85 Members)

Partners and supporters of the 7 Graces Global Conference & 7 Graces Project. #CSR #7GGC #7Graces

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Groups & individuals creating new social, eco, business paradigms for future generation.

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Partners on Virtual Blog Tour of 'Fascinomas, fascinating medical mysteries' by Dr Clifton K Meador.

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Genealogy, genealogists, family historians and family tree tools

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