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startups (4 Members)
IntelligentDiscussion (2 Members)

Thought leaders

Dev (72 Members)

Events, people and companies related to development. Things of interest to code monkeys

PGPX (15 Members)

Participants of the PGPX (1yr MBA) program at IIM-Ahmedabad

designers (7 Members)

People who design good apps/websites and the like

india-politicians (23 Members)

Politicans and political parties related to India

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Finance related

bollywood-celebs (77 Members)

Celebrities related to Indian movies/bollywood

news (19 Members)

News media, journalists, primarily India focussed

entrepreneurs (10 Members)
Seed (10 Members)

VCs who tweet and operate at the seed funding level. PS: I’m looking to raise some seed funding

CSS Gods (1 Members)
Comics (15 Members)
OTT / Streaming India (3 Members)

Handles tweeting about new OTT content in India