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Also includes cybernetics, complexity, quantum information, & closely related fields

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Genetics & Evolution researchers, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, theoreticians, news sources

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Johns Hopkins Film and Media, Alumni, Writing Sems, Writers, Journalists, Filmmakers

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C. elegans research (12 Members)
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Researchers working at the intersection of Information Theory and Biology

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Big History Teachers/Educators

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Mathematicians associated with Johns Hopkins (professors, students, alumni)

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DtMH (178 Members)

Dodging the Memory Hole conference attendees/participants at UCLA 2016 & Internet archive 2017

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People who've tweeted about #indieweb since October 2016

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educators, researchers, technologists using indieweb, DoOO, & related edTech

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People in #indieweb who use WordPress

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Journalists, photographers, editors,bloggers & platforms which are using Indieweb principles

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People taking part in Equity Unbound